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Who Am I


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The girl before you is not who you think
She needs more, she’s missing a link
For I don’t know who I am myself
So i can’t just lay it out on a shelf
You see I am just a hurt little girl
Who’s life went down the drain in a whirl
All I can tell you now is what i know
And that is just that I’ve been a shit show
I used to like soccer and other sport games
But by getting high it all just became lame
It’s amazing how many things can change
When you started off with such a wide range
Now I’m not even sure what I like to do
I don’t even know who I am, do you?
I know that I like to make people smile
And i hate always getting sent to trial
I know that I’m definitely an animal lover
And I hate that my feelings I constantly cover
I know that I can’t wait to work through my steps
Even though it has to come from my deepest depths
And from those I know I’m starting to love again
And I would do anything to help a friend
But I’m accepting that I can’t save them all
I just hate waiting, expecting that call
There’s one more thing you should know about me
I’m exhausted and broken and want to be free
Being mad and angry isn’t fun anymore
It’s actually becoming quite the chore
But numbing the pain and running away
Wasn’t keeping anything serious at bay
All I did was prolong these feelings
To never let myself really start healing
So who is this girl before you, you see?
Well she’s Katie, and I guess that’s me
– Katie T

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