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Candle Wick


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I don’t even remember half our time as a pair
You made me forget and it’s just not fair,
It would take one shot and I’d finish a bundle
Our relationship was like a burning candle.
You lite the wick and the candle melts away
But you lite it again and it’s the same as that day.
The candle does not grow and learn to be strong
It melts and gets weaker as time goes along.
I was the wax and heroin was my wick
As i melt away my addiction stays slick.
It stayed the center of my universe for years
But i couldn’t even put the flame out with my tears.
What i had to learn was not lighting the flame,
Is the only thing that could have me own the game.
I am the candle and the candle is me,
But no longer will I lite my wick that is the key
-Katie T

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